Hand Crafted Water Buffalo Horn Belts From the Philippines

Handcrafted Carabao Horn Belts

Every single piece on the belt is different from the next

No Water Buffalos Were Harmed

The Carabao Horn’s belts are created from water buffalo that are not slaughtered for their horns.  As the horns of the water buffalo grow, they may cause the animal discomfort.  The horns are simply trimmed and not wasted.  The trimmed horns can be used for a variety of uses including creating one-of-a-kind belts!  The horns are shaped into belt pieces then polished to give a nice shining glow.

All of The Carabao Horn’s belts are individually handcrafted from the horns of the water buffalo.  Each belt piece shows personality and character and makes each belt a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.